ANNA MOLTKE-HUITFELDT, Jewellery in Life, is the first jeweller in Denmark to become certified on precious metals, and to date the only one to be certified by both of the globally recoknized standards, Fairmined, and Fairtrade.

I have been building my jewellery company alongside an intense self search, working for transparency and as such it is a natural choice for my company to be certified by the two certification standards for precious metals on the international market: 1) Fairmined by the Alliance for Responsible Mining and 2) Fairtrade by Fairtrade International and the local Fairtrade office in Denmark 

The gemstones I use for my designs are either from a known ethical origin or from the stock I had collected in the years before.

Life is a precious gift and one that we all share, and I think that it's important to make sure that the miners that provide us with the precious metals and stones for our jewellery are being paid a fair price for their work that enable them to invest in their life. To become Fairmined and/or Faitrade certified the mines must comply with certain rules, such as no child labour and providing school facilities for children, comply with safety rules. Being certified the mines receive an extra Fairtrade and/or Fairmined bonus.

My designs are inspired Nature, where everything is perfect, from the tiny small wrinkles and marks to the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes.
My workshop is situated in the middle of the Danish countryside, surrounded by the unpolished nature from where I draw so much of my inspiration and the peace to find the way into my inner source.

I also find inspiration in art and architecture, ancient jewellery and photography.

My wish is to spread happiness with my work and for you to see yourself in my designs.

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt