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Rough diamond gold bracelet


1602.00 €

This beautiful and elegant gold bracelet is made of a slightly uneven disc of 18 k gold with rough diamonds. The unevenness adds the extra charm to the gold bracelet, that nothing is ever exactly the same and as such each bracelet is one of kind.
That is evermore so when it is made with rough diamonds as not two rough stones are ever alike and as such holds each their individual DNA, form and colour.
Setting rough diamonds into gold is a very special art, quite different from setting polished stones, since every single stone has to be considered and measured individually for a perfect set.
The bracelet is made of Fairmined gold - the rough diamonds are fair trade from Liqhobong, Lesotho

This bracelet is part of the collection "A Touch of Eternity", inspired by the origin of the raw materials - the extra precious gold that comes from mines that are certified by The Alliance for Responsible Mining, setting demands to the safety standards of the mines and giving the miners an extra premium on the regular gold price, enabling them to build a sustainable community for themselves and future generations, involving health care and building schools, so the children can be educated instead of having to work in the mines, as it have been for past generations of children in artisanal mining.

The fair trade mining project in Liqhobong, Lesotho, is no longer active, and it is at present difficult to get hold of small rough diamonds, so this design with rough diamonds is subject to availability.

18 k Fairmined gold from certified mines - artisanal small scale mining

Fair trade rough diamonds, subject to availability- the carat sizes will vary from time to time, as there are only limited numbers of different sizes in stock

Organic waxed cotton cord

Each bracelet is one of a kind
Danish design
Handcrafted in Denmark